Let your GPA pay the way; Barton Community College offers two new scholarships

June 7, 2017
Story by Micah Oelze

Barton Community College now offers Barton Bound and Barton Fresh Start scholarships. These new awards will assist students more than before in affording a college education.

Barton Bound Scholarships are available to first-time college students who graduated from a Kansas High School the previous academic year and are Kansas Residents. There are four levels of awards offered based on a student’s GPA or ACT score: Elite, Excellence, Honor, and Achievement awards.

Students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher, or have an ACT score of 26 or higher, are eligible for an Elite Award which covers student’s tuition and book fees. Students with a 3.0-3.49 GPA or have an ACT score of 24 or 25 qualify for the Excellence Award for a $1,000 scholarship. Students with a 2.50-2.99 GPA or have an ACT of score 22 or 23 are eligible to receive The Honor Award of $800. Students with a 2.00-2.49 GPA or have an ACT of score 20 or 21 are eligible to receive the Achievement Award of $500.

Admissions Director Tana Cooper commented on the exciting opportunity these scholarships bring to the school.

“The best perk about the Barton Bound Scholarships is that qualified students with a 3.5 GPA or above can come to Barton for just the expenses of fees and housing if they choose to live on campus. Our fees are currently $36 per credit which helps save many qualified students a tremendous amount of money by paying a fraction of what they would have to pay at any other community college or four-year universities.”

Barton Fresh Start Scholarships are available to first-time Barton students who graduated from a Kansas high school with a GPA of 3.0 or higher prior to the most recent academic year, and who are seeking to complete a degree or certificate with Barton. Fresh Start Scholarships are available to students based on their enrollment level. Eligible full-time students (12 or more credit hours) are awarded $1,000, three-quarter time students (nine to 11 credit hours) are awarded $750, half-time students (six to 8 credit hours) and less than half-time students are awarded $250.

Cooper also explained how the Barton Fresh Start program will help with a common occurrence she has seen recently in her office.

“We have a lot of students who go to a larger university and find they aren’t ready for a larger campus. The Fresh Start program is great for those students to come back and get the one-on-one attention and financial assistance they need to succeed.”

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Bart poses for a photo.
Bart poses for a photo.